SAFETY JOGGER VISITOR SRC - Safety Cap Overshoe Black

SAFETY JOGGER VISITOR SRC - Safety Cap Overshoe Black

Safety Jogger
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VISITOR SRC Safety Cap Overshoe Black

  • Designed to fit over existing footwear
  • Composition: Rubber with ultralight aluminum/titanium toe cap
  • Provides protection against impacts and toe crush injuries
  • Equipped with a Velcro comfort strap for secure fit
  • Compatible with all types of footwear, including high-heeled shoes
  • Features Tiger Grip® antislip sole with self-cleaning studs
  • Color-coded sizes for easy identification
  • Available in three sizes covering sizes 34 to 48: S (34-38), M (39-43), L (44-48)
  • SRC certified for slip resistance
  • Expert statement based on protocol CTC CE C004
  • Utilizes Tiger Grip Technology for enhanced safety
  • Oil and fuel resistant outsole for added durability

Experience ultimate safety and versatility with the VISITOR SRC Safety Cap Overshoe, equipped with innovative Tiger Grip Technology and designed to provide reliable protection against various workplace hazards.