Tec7 Plumb

Tec7 Plumb

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Tec7 Plumb instantly stops and prevents leaks in all open and closed heating systems. Tec7 Plumb is easy to use, guaranteed not to clog and prevents rust/corrosion from building up in the system and therefore enhances the pump lubrication. *Always follow the instructions."

How to apply:

  1. Depressurise the system
  2. Check the water purity; if necessary flush and change the water
  3. Shake Tec7 PLUMB well before use
  4. Add the necessary amount of Tec7 PLUMB to the system through the highest positioned radiator
  5. Run the circulation pump
  6. If necessary, bleed the system and bring the water level up to standard

Please note: if the system leaks water, the treatment with Tec7 PLUMB needs to be repeated.*