DeltaPlus HAR12 2pt Work Safety Harness

DeltaPlus HAR12 2pt Work Safety Harness

Delta Plus
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Introducing the HAR12 Fall Arrester Harness, a cutting-edge safety solution designed to ensure your protection while working at heights. With two anchorage points strategically located on the back and front, this harness offers unmatched security and versatility. Explore its features and specifications to discover a new level of safety.

Product Details:

  • Fall Arrester Harness with 2 Anchorage Points (Back/Front):

    • Provides comprehensive fall protection
  • Colour:

    • Vibrant Orange
  • Available Sizes:

    • S/M/L, XL/XXL


  • 2 Adjustment Loops:

    • Customizable fit for maximum comfort
  • 2 Adjustable Lateral Plates:

    • Ensures a secure and snug fit
  • Straps:

    • Made of durable Polyester


  • Thermo Comfort Belt - EX120_:

    • Enhances comfort and support
  • Comfort Pad for Shoulders - HAPAD_:

    • Additional comfort for your shoulders
  • D Ring Extension LV102050 - LV102050_:

    • Extends your harness capabilities
  • Tool Holder - HA200_:

    • Conveniently holds your tools

Product Use - Risks:

  • Suitable for Various Industries:
    • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Building, Maintenance, Warehousing

Fall Risks:

  • Vertical Movement on a Permanent Structure
  • Long Vertical Movement or Movement on Inclined Surface
  • Short Vertical Movement or Movement on Inclined Surface (less than 3m)
  • Vertical Movement in Confined Space
  • Long Horizontal Movement on Horizontal Surface
  • Long Horizontal Movement on Vertical Structure
  • Short Horizontal Movement (less than 3m)
  • Long Movement with Multi Connection/Disconnection
  • Movement on Lifeline