TIMCO 3.0 x 12 - Classic Multi-Purpose Screws - PZ - Double Countersunk - Yellow

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Classic Multi-Purpose Screws - PZ - Double Countersunk - Yellow

  • Product Code: 30012CLAF
  • Pack Type: Box
  • Pack Quantity: 200 Pieces
  • Barcode: 5055017506996

Product Overview:

Our Classic Multi-Purpose Screws, featuring a PZ drive and a double countersunk head with a distinctive yellow finish, are meticulously engineered for versatile performance. With a 25° sharp point, special thread design, patented lubrication, and corrosion-resistant plating, these screws are tailored to consistently excel in various materials, including hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic, and thin sheet metal. Please note that these screws have a sharp point.

Key Features:

  • Double countersunk design reduces the likelihood of head shear and aids in completing countersinking.
  • Patented lubrication enhances screw insertion speed and provides superior resistance to corrosion.
  • A deep, single-thread configuration at a 40° angle ensures a secure fastening with exceptional pull-out resistance.
  • Surface hardening up to 750 HV prevents torque shearing under load, while a core hardness of up to 450 HV enhances ductility.
  • Sizes up to and including 75mm are fully threaded, while lengths of 80mm and above have a 70mm thread length.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: TIMCO
  • Corrosion Rating (1-5): 2 - Occasionally damp/wet, rural and sheltered areas
  • Driver Bit Size: PZ1
  • Feature 1: Double countersunk reduces the likelihood of head shear and assists completion of countersinking
  • Feature 2: Patented lubrication, designed to enhance screw insertion time and provides greater resistance to corrosion
  • Feature 3: 40° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance
  • Feature 4: Surface hardened up to 750 HV to prevent torque shearing under load and a core hardness of up to 450 HV for improved ductility
  • Feature 5: All sizes up to and including 75mm are fully threaded and lengths 80mm and above all have 70mm thread length
  • Finish: Zinc & Yellow
  • Head Type: Double Countersunk
  • Inner Thread Ø d1 (mm): 2
  • L (mm): 12
  • Lubrication: Gleitmo
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • MOQ: 1
  • MOQ Increment: 1
  • Pack Qty: 200
  • Pack Type: Box
  • Packs per Carton: 140
  • Point Type: 25° Sharp
  • Recess Type: Pozi
  • Size (mm): 3.0 x 12
  • Substrates: Hardwood, Softwood, Chipboard, MDF, Plastic, Thin Sheet Metal
  • Thread Coverage: Fully Threaded
  • Thread L (mm): 7
  • Thread Ø (mm): 3
  • Thread Type: Single Coarse 40°

Upgrade your fastening solutions with our versatile Classic Multi-Purpose Screws, engineered for outstanding performance across various materials. Their innovative design, lubrication, and corrosion resistance make them a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.